Do you want to be the next Scott McLaughlin or Daniel Ricciardo?

What We Do

The Tarmac Junior Development Program is a unique driver training program for young people who want to compete in motorsport. It is designed to teach and upskill young people in driving and safety techniques for motorsport competition. Run over 4 days, the participants who successfully complete the program are better equipped to compete in a professional and consistent manner.

Who Can Take Part

The Tarmac Junior Development Program is open to anyone between the ages of 14 to 17 years old who is eligible to hold a Motorsport Australia Speed Junior Licence.

People 13 years old can participate so long as they are 14 years old before Day 4.

Previous driving experience is not essential but it is definitely an advantage. However, we are looking for any young people who are passionate about motorsport and wish to compete in motorsport events.

Training Activities

Each of the first 3 days of the program consist of the following activities:

  • 3 hours 20 minutes of on-track training
  • 4 hours of classroom theory training and workshop activities which include special presentations from subject matter experts

The fourth day of the program is the participants first opportunity to practice their newly learned skills driving alone at a motorsport event.

The classroom lessons include learning racing lines, the physics of cornering, steering geometry (caster, camber, toe in/out), explaining the different flags used at race meetings and driving apparel requirements. The participants are also told that they can be involved in motorsport without competing by becoming an event official, and the different roles are explained.

The on-track driver tuition starts with the basics, like showing how to put on and tighten a crash helmet and harness, low speed start/stop, and then progresses up to evasive driving, cornering, reversing and emergency braking. The speeds are slow initially but increase.

The workshops cover such things as using a fire extinguisher, performing a wheel alignment, brakes maintenance and basic car maintenance.

The preparation of the cars for competition is completed by the participants at the start of every day with the help of a driving instructor.

The participants can also help with the maintenance of the cars during and after the program, further enhancing their mechanical knowledge and skills.

The Training Cars

We supply both the training cars and the crash helmets for the participants to use. The cars are Hyundai Excel’s and they all have roll cages, race seats and race harnesses for both the driver and the driver trainer.

Participants can use their own car and helmet if they have one.


Drivers will need to wear enclosed leather or suede-topped shoes, crew length socks and neck to ankle to wrist non-flammable clothing. Jeans and a cotton shirt or windcheater are suitable.

Long sleeve Tarmac JDP speed shirts are available for purchase but are not mandatory.


The cost to register for the Tarmac Junior Development Program includes the following:

  • Tarmac Junior Development Program club membership
  • Motorsport Australia Speed Junior Licence
  • Tarmac Junior Development Program Cap
  • Tarmac JDP car hire and maintenance for 4 days
  • Track hire and Day 4 event entry fee
  • Ongoing encouragement and support

Dates & Locations

The dates and locations can be found on the Home page.

For more information

The Information pack and Application form can be found on the Forms  page


Contact the Tarmac JDP Co-ordinator:

Darren Mattiske
(mob) 0412 823 171